Campus Recreation


The mission of YOUR SA Campus Recreation Program is to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle; foster leadership development; instill an appreciation for diversity; and enhance interpersonal relationships. The program achieves this by providing safe, purposeful and enjoyable activities with emphasis on students and the school community.  Please contact the Campus Recreation Program Coordinator if you are interested in creating a new league or tournament.

Campus Recreation Leagues: Basketball, Ice Hockey, Indoor Soccer, and Volleyball

Our goals are to:

  1. Create an environment where students can develop leadership, healthy lifestyles, personal growth, and appreciation for diversity;
  2. Provide modern and safe facilities while meeting the needs or our current and future students;
  3. Collaborate with other community partners, constituents, departments, divisions, and institutions to maximize all available resources; and
  4. Offer a variety of programs designed to meet the changing needs and interests of our students by creating tools and resources that allow for feedback, reflection, evaluation, and change of program.


There truly is something for everyone!  If an organized league is not your thing, the Campus Recreation Program also offers monthly tournaments where you can sign up as a team for a day of fun and friendly competition.  If you have a tournament in mind, please contact our office.


The Student Association also supports an Extramural Program in the following sports: Women’s and Men’s Hockey.  This program is for the competitive student not ready to commit to varsity level but who requires a more spirited game other than Intramurals.  Students participating on an Extramural team will have the opportunity to travel around Ontario playing against other Colleges and Universities.  The Student Association is host to the annual Challenge Cup Men's Hockey Touranment which will showcase our top notch facilities and elite student athletes.

Fair Play:

The Student Association’s intramural leagues are designed with the intention of creating a fun and enjoyable campus experience.  To keep this campus experience enjoyable, integrity of the game must be evident through the participants, team captains/coaches, and spectators.

Players Must:

  • Respect the effort of all opponents;
  • Respect teammates and be a team player;
  • Respect all players, team captains/coaches, officials, and spectators; and
  • Respect the rules of the game.

Captains/Coaches Must:

  • Teach respectful play of the game;
  • Work with officials to progress the game; be constructive, not destructive;
  • Lead by example; and
  • Allow for fair play and participation from all teammates.

Spectators Must:

  • Encourage players to play respectfully;
  • Only communicate positive comments and refrain from the negative; and
  • Allow the game to be played by the players with no distractions.